Saturday, May 14, 2022

It’s been a tough few months…. “no malignancy”!


Over the years of writing this blog, (and that has now spanned more than 13 years!!!) I have tried to focus on lessons of leadership and life as my core themes.  A few times I have strayed into political issues of the day ( see posted on 1/7/21) or on family issues that we were experiencing at the moment (, posted in 2014).  Today I want to break that mold and take a moment to share a medical issue that I have been dealing with over the past few months and a few thoughts/reflections that have come from that journey.


Earlier this year in January I had to have a minor sinus operation to remove some scar tissue that was affecting my breathing.  While that procedure was very successful, during that time I had several doctor appointments through the process and one of the “scans” identified a large growth on my thyroid… it was found completely by accident!  After diving in with a specialist, and doing more scans and biopsies, it was determined that the growth/tumor was most likely cancerous and needed to come out immediately.  Last Friday that surgery was successfully completed and as I recovered this past week, I waited for the pathology report with the results regarding the nature of the growth.  While I have many strengths, “waiting” is not one of them and as the week wore on my patience/nerves/demeanor etc. was stretched and frayed….. not a pleasant week for Jennie and others that were trying hard to take care of me and for that I apologize deeply!


Well yesterday was my follow-up appt with the surgeon, and he burst into the exam room and yelled out “YOU ARE BENIGN!!”  I jumped up, gave him a high five, gave Jennie a big hug and let out a “whoop” of joy and relief…..  an outcome that was far better than expected on every front!  I won’t go into the medical details, but the picture above is from my pathology report, and it couldn’t have come out any better… “no malignancy is identified” are words to live by and for!!


I share this story not to explain why my postings have been a bit sparse this winter/spring, but to share that we are all frail creatures, and we all have, have had, or will have physical challenges in our lives.  The one message I want to share in this experience is how supported/cared-for/and candidly loved I have felt though this by so many people… none more than my sweet wife Jennie!  I took a lot of strength and comfort from all the support from so many that I have received through my journey these past few months and this experience has reminded me to be ready to give that same support in return.  


I will close with a faithful musical reminder of this admonition… written beautifully by Lennon & Mccartney:


And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love
You make